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Audacious is working in partnership with Boots Hearing Care to bring clearer mobile calls to people with hearing loss.

No more phone fear

Take calls, anytime, anywhere

90% hear better

The future of phone calls is here

No ties

Try us for 1 month

Step 1

Order your SIM card

Step 2

Create hearing profile

Step 3

Enjoy the difference

Here’s how it works

Enjoy everything you do with your current mobile service now from only £1 per month.

Once you receive your new SIM, take the Sound Check to create your unique hearing profile.

Hear your conversations like never before - anytime, anywhere - with any mobile phone.

Our SIM Only Deals

2GB data

Unlimited minutes

Unlimited texts


per month

5GB Data Plan

Use with any mobile phone

Keep your current number

Control your Spend limit

47 roam-free destinations

10GB data

Unlimited minutes

Unlimited texts


 per month

10GB Data Plan

Personalise calls to your unique hearing so you'll never miss a conversation.

500MB data

200 minutes

200 texts


per month

£1 Taster Plan

Switches to £7.50 from 01/02/20 

Lines open 9am - 5:30pm Monday to Saturday, and 10am - 4pm on Sunday.

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Struggle to hear well on your mobile? Then we’re the network for you. We make your calls clearer, based on your unique hearing needs. So you can hear better and talk more.

What makes us different?

How we clarify your calls?

"It has truly made a difference to my life and I have no doubt it will for others too"


Severe hearing loss

“I used to avoid making mobile calls… now I’m able to make calls again, using their amazing technology”


Sensory hearing loss

"I have noticed a big difference in call quality having joined the network just two weeks ago."


Profound hearing loss

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9/10 people experience clearer mobile phone calls with Audacious

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