Hear your mobile calls better from just £1

Audacious is working in partnership with Connevans to bring clearer mobile calls to people with hearing loss.

Our technology

Create your unique hearing profile in just 5 minutes.

Our network

We are powered by the UK’s biggest 4G mobile network.

Our promise

We offer a 28-day money back guarantee.

Step 1

Order your SIM card

Step 2

Create hearing profile

Step 3

Enjoy the difference

Here’s how it works

Enjoy everything you do with your current mobile service now from only £1 per month.

Once you receive your new SIM, take the Sound Check to create your unique hearing profile.

Hear your conversations like never before - anytime, anywhere - with any mobile phone.

Our SIM Only Deals

2GB data

Unlimited minutes

Unlimited texts


per month

5GB Data Plan

Use with any mobile phone

Keep your current number

Control your Spend limit

47 roam-free destinations

10GB data

Unlimited minutes

Unlimited texts


 per month

10GB Data Plan

Personalised calls to your unique hearing so you'll never miss a conversation.

500MB data

200 minutes

200 texts


per month

£1 Taster Plan

Switches to £7.50 from 01/02/20 

Don't upgrade your phone, upgrade your calls.

Keep your current phone and number

Our SIM plan comes with the Clear Call technology

Take the Sound Check to create your personal hearing profile

Then just dial as normal – no app, no new equipment or fiddly bits

And you can update your unique hearing profile at anytime

It’s time to hear the difference.

Our hearing is unique, at low frequencies and high frequencies and in your left ear and right ear. It's not about good hearing or bad hearing, it's about what suits you.

With a normal mobile network, sound is compressed when it travels over the network. This means that you lose some frequencies. 

Our Clear Call technology fixes that by adapting the calls to match your unique hearing profile so that you never have to beg another pardon.

We worked with two of the worlds leading Hearing Scientists to develop technology that can adapt call frequencies to individual hearing needs.

After many years of hard work our technology was awarded Class 1 Medical Device Certification by the EU.

Watch this short video to find out how it works.

How we clarify your calls?

"I have had my first phone call without speakerphone or headphones. I have gone from having no clue what people are saying, to hearing every word clearly without my hearing aids."


Moderate hearing loss

"I also successfully used my mobile on a busy London street and while sitting outside a very busy London pub. With Audacious I have really been able to hear the difference."


Sensory hearing loss

"The sound quality is fuller, clearer and much easier to understand than anything I’ve ever heard through a handset. And it’s given me the confidence to not only answer my phone when it rings, but to actually call people for a chat"


Severe hearing loss

Our customer stories

9/10 people experience clearer mobile phone calls with Audacious

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